Introduction:-  The Indian Equity markets have huge untapped market  in the financial services segment since the number of trading and demat account in the economy is only 2.62 crore as compared to the total population of 130 crores.  The need of the hour is to impart practical knowledge and get more retail investors into the market. 

About US:-  Man & Moneta Experts Pvt Ltd is started by young and dynamic first generation entrepreneur who have got 15 years plus experience in the field of financial services with specialization  in broking and mutual funds distribution.  The objective of this company is to create new entrepreneurs in the economy who in turn would creates jobs for the economy. India needs to create 1.5 crore jobs each year but we are finding it difficult to do the same.

Unique Opportunity:-  The objective of this firm is not just impart knowledge about equity and financial products but to create new entrepreneurs who in turn would actually become part of the India growth story. On successful completion of the course which is aimed to give the knowledge about the equity and other financial products, the student would be able to join our firm as entrepreneur with following options

Mutual Funds Distributor:-  The person enrolling with us would be given training about the mutual funds segment and then he can become with us Mutual Funds Distributor.  The cost of the Mutual Funds exam is only Rs. 1500.

The Question is why Mutual Funds ?

The answer to this questions lies in the data

The Mutual funds industry is fast picking up with the

  1. Total AUM touching  Rs. 16.5 lakh crore
  2. Equity segment accounting for Rs. 6.87 lakh crore.
  3. Rs. 3100 crore each month getting invested into markets through Systematic Investment Plan
  4. Total 1.08 crore SIP registered

Our Support:-  The mutual funds distributor will have its own online support with his user Id and password. He can login and see his clients portfolio. Our software would generate 40 page report as per the client profile and make the client understand is financial needs and instruments to complete those goals.

Equity Sub Broker ship:- We offer Equity sub broker ship where the person can start his own broking outlet and do the business.  The question is why Equity Sub broker ship

  1. There are only 2.62 crore demat and trading accounts
  2. Equity exposure among retail investors are less than 3 %
  3. Huge untapped market for students, professionals, academicians, housewife’s
  4. Long term wealth creation by developing long term buying approach

Our support:-  Seminars at our sub broker office each Saturday to give them knowledge about equity and economy which supports them to set up and establish their business. Technical calls and research support would also be provided.